Wine Stories: Cool Climate Chardonnay Rocks

The angels descended upon #i4c17, were #HardforChard and had so much fun with winemakers while enjoying the wine country feels. 

For those of us us who truly love Chardonnay there is a festival that awaits you to celebrate your true love for the grape. Every year there is a place you can go to sip and share your love for this grape and that place happens to reside in Niagara, Canada. Not only am I ridiculously proud to say that i4C takes  place in my hometown backyard, but I am happy to say that for the first time in 7 years I was able to carve some time out of my busy schedule and attend. This weekend long celebration involves not only Ontario wineries, but wineries from all over the world. This festival involves global appreciation around the Queen of Grapes – Ms. Chardonnay herself.

Being the Queen of Grapes, a full weekend of festivities seems the appropriate of celebrations. With participation from over 174 wineries from around the world, there will be more than a few wines for you to try and fall in love with over and over again each and every year. Since Chardonnay is one of the top favourite grapes here with the iYellow team and The Wine Angels, it’s no big secret that we were incredibly excited to partake in the wonderful day and evening affairs and show support for one of our most loved and appreciated grapes.

We like to say here that a great chardonnay can give you a #Chardon and the right Chardonnay can make you #HardForChard and we were so pleased that this event did not disappoint. As we watched the sunset  and sipped Chardonnay out of the Niagara Airport hanger at the annual Flights of Chardonnay tasting event, it was like a perfect date night with the Queen herself. There was a perfect sunset, delicous wine and happy people, all in a gorgous field full of aeroplanes. Friendly security guards were all to willing to talk to you about how for $2,500 you can get a monthly pass to fly from Toronto to Niagara as much as you want. I can honestly say I seriously thought about this plan for a good 3 minutes – how can I possibly add this to my budget lines… Perhaps not the best way to spend money, but I don’t hate it? With rolling vineyards in the distance I began thinking about how this was my ticket to getting back home more.  Mom would really love it. I mean, it only makes sense to come up with the most economical way to visit friends and family more and maybe this is it…

I was able to experience a trade tasting with 3 flights of Chardonnay wines during the day hosted at White Oaks hotel and meet the legendary Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible who was a guest speaker to the trade tasting in the afternoon. Whoever came up with the name “Flights of Chardonnay” was absolutely brilliant. I spent an entire day of my life, and a Friday at that,  seriously flying through glasses of  wonderful chardonnay with some of the best winemakers, writers and people in the industry. A true hats off and high five of to those who planned this entire weekend. For it’s 7th year, i4C was a simply incredible evening in the perfect venue and mother nature cooperated by giving us a truly wonderful night. Special thanks goes to Wine Country Ontario and the entire i4C community for putting together this incredible event. All the Wine Angels are excited for 2018. If you’re a die-hard lover of Chardonnay, the i4C Cool Chardonnay festival is your mecca.

Thank you to  i4C and Wine Country for having the Wine Angels and I. It was a night we will not forget. I also truly enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of one 0f my favourite Niagara-on-the-Lake Hotels  – The Pillar and Post.

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