The Perfect Pick: Sip Debbie Travis Pinot Grigio

Choosing the perfect wine is like choosing the perfect wall colour to paint. It takes a combination of creativity,cq5dam.web.1280.1280 thought, and decisiveness. Do you want white, red or rose? Do you want eggshell, crimson, or ballet slipper? The choice is yours, and yours alone. But, having the help of an expert is always advisable – in choosing wine and in finding that perfect shade, of course!


Enter, Debbie Travis. Her reputation proceeds her as Oprah (yes, THE Oprah) dubbed her the ‘Master of Paint and Plaster’, but Debbie, who is a Canadian TV icon in her own right decided to try her hand at wine. And the result is nothing short of #PinotPerfection. The Debbie Travis Fine Wine collection is sure to be a household name, just like Debbie herself!


From grape to glass, Debbie had a hand in every decision made. She worked meticulously alongside Pillitteri Estates Winemaker Alex Kolundzic to craft a Pinot Grigio inspired by the land of Tuscany, her second home away from Toronto. Under the Tuscan sun, she has a fabulous 100-acre hillside villa, where she hosts girls’ getaway weekends on the regular and in the Fall, the villa offers an olive harvest retreat that goes into crafting organic olive oil.


The Pinot Grigio itself packs a punch, it has some serious body and complexity for a Pinot. It goes to show the amount of research that went into the invention and production of this wine. Debbie tried some 400+ samples of Pinot to get an idea of exactly the kind of wine she wanted to make. The design on the label is even a custom wallpaper pattern that Debbie owns and also has in her home.


From liquid to lips, Debbie Travis Wine Pinot Grigio seriously impresses. With notes of white peach and some delicate florals, this is the wine what you want to be sipping this summer and we can’t wait to see what other wines Debbie launches soon!


Available at the LCBO for $15.95