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Find a Malbec you love and call it #Malbecalicious

April 17th is #MalbecWorldDay! so to celebrate we decided to taste and judge over 12 different Malbec’s and pick our top wines of the week. Besides, we all need a new bottle to try.


argento-malbecArgento Malbec 2015 for $9.95 at the LCBO here!

This Malbec is what we call part of the $9.99 steal deal! For $10, you can’t get any better! This wine from Bodega Argento is the perfect accompaniment to your next wine hang out with your buds! It’s cheerful and in the best way, will make you smile while you’re chilling with a great flick from Netflix. It might even become your new go-to.

argento-malbec-reservaArgento Reserva Malbec 2014 for $13.95 at the LCBO here!

The second-tier offering from Argento prides itself on being the “ultimate expression of Mendoza’s unique terroir” and as such, it presents itself as being the hallmark of the Malbec style. With loads of dark fruit flavours, purple flowers and some smoky notes this wine we truly enjoyed. The main difference behind the ‘reserva’ labelling is that this wine was crafted by blending grapes from several microclimates and was aged in oak for 9 months compared to its non-reserva counterpart above. With this processing “we can achieve a more complex wine with intense fruit notes, great concentration and excellent structure.” says Bodega Argento. We say buy 6 bottles and revel in the incredible value and taste.

catena-malbecCatena Malbec 2014 for $19.95 at the LCBO here!

This is a truly gorgeous wine from the Catena Zapata Family that has been around since 1902. Known affectionately as the ‘Malbec pioneer’, this is a VINTAGES essential borrle with grapes sourced from the family’s historic high-altitude vineyards in Mendoza. The higher the altitude the more complex the grapes that grow on the vine become. It is this difference in altitude, where the grapes prosper from the advantages of an incline that offer distinct varietal identity in producing a full fruit Malbec of quality! We highly recommend this Malbec-a-licious wine and it’s a great one to add to your cellar, get for a gift and give to someone who loves Argentina and Malbec.


luigi-bosca-malbecLuigi Bosca Malbec 2014 for $18.95 at the LCBO here!

This Malbec is part of the Arizu Family Wine Reserve. From Finca La Linda, Vistalba province of Mendoza, this exceptional Malbec has been aged for 12 months in french oak casks and has a cellaring potential of 10+ years. With the way that this wine is drinking now though, we don’t think that it is necessary to lay it down any longer as the beautiful oak integration makes for sipping a Malbec that is more complex than most. But, if you do buy this wine we highly recommend decanting it. Did you know decanting wine for an hour mimics a year in the cellar?

benmarco-malbec-bottleBenMarco Malbec 2013  – Available via consignment for $16.95 is the kind of wine that you will want to open and decant and share with only a very good friend. Or, keep in your cellar and age for a few years, that is why buying a case of it is ideal. You can open a bottle every few years to check in on the wine and see how it is doing. The vineyards that source this gorgeous wine are located in Vistaflores, Valle de Uco – a high desert at 3,000 feet elevation with plenty of sunshine. This ensures that the juice your getting is 100% top-notch. A big thumbs up from the iYellow Wine Angels.