Here is my love letter to Mr. Brunello.

I remember when we met long ago. What I experienced then was far beyond what I was able to appreciate.

Dear Mr. Brunello,

We met while the warm sunshine was beaming down softly.  I was traveling abroad and little did I know that our romance would develop slowly over time. It’s hard not to fall in love with a red wine that has perhaps everything you’ve ever wanted.

One of the most world-renowned red wines from Tuscany, you’re smooth, elegant and handsome, there is a good reason I call you mister. Brunello, a diminutive of ‘bruno’, meaning brown, is the name that was given locally to what was believed to be an individual grape variety grown in Montalcino. Made with the Sangiovese grape there is no taste like that of Brunello. You’re a stand-alone personality Mr. Brunello, a real one of kind.

A real gentleman, it’s true that many wines get better with age, and Mr. Brunello you are no different. You’re a reminder of the rewards of patience and the importance of not wanting to rush. Basking in a region that is warm and dry, in my dreams we are strolling through the streets of Montalcino telling each other our deepest secrets holding hands laughing & appreciating everything about each other. You’re a great listener, both compassionate and empathetic.

When we hit our anniversary reserva year, perhaps we take a hot air balloon ride over Sienna and look down on the vineyards all across Tuscany. We can reminisce about how we were young and how far we’ve come. From those younger years of being bold and adventurous to gaining experience and earning our stripes while we transition into something that is smooth and graceful.

Mr. Brunello, thank you for being YOU. You’re a reminder of how time can transition us into the truest version of ourselves. You’re forgiving and the perfect partner to some of my favourite things in life like pizza, pasta and a romantic sunset. You teach me patience amongst other things, and I appreciate all you bring into my life. Now all I need is more of you in my cellar, to open when I’m craving something authentic and delicious.

Brunello Wine

Photo taken from: WineFolly