The Difference Between Table Grapes and Wine Grapes

There are thousands of different grape varieties grown around the world but what makes wine grapes different from table grapes?

Table grapes are larger in size, have thinner skins, less acidity and also less sugar than a wine grape.

Wine grapes are smaller but with concentrated flavours, they have thicker skins which are perfect for imparting tannins and a higher juice content.

Wine grapes need a lot of natural sugar if yeast is going to convert their juices into alcohol. They must have the perfect balance between fruit sugars and acids.

These grapes take an entire season to ripen, which is why wine is produced once a year. When you see a year listed on the label – that’s the vintage – the year the grapes were picked and turned into wine.

That’s why it takes a special kind of grape to produce those wines we enjoy!