Spirits & Cocktails for the Thanksgiving Long Weekend

Although we love a classic turkey dinner paired with wine, we also like to mix it up a little with some interesting spirits and cocktails. For those of you looking to bring something new to the Thanksgiving table this year, keep on reading!

  • For our Whisky connoisseurs! Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye is a great pick for you this Autumn. This is the purest form of Rye Whiskey, bottled straight from the cask. This powerful and complex spirit has a bold nose of caramel, dried fruit, citrus and berry, as well as full flavours of pepper, earth, herb and tropical fruit. It is smooth and creamy on the palate with rye spice and cocoa on a long, warm finish.
  • Now over to the Tequila fans, El Tesoro Anejo has aromas of jasmine, toasted oak and agave. There are additional flavours of black pepper and white flower which create a mildly spicy mid-palate, followed by a long, warm finish. The suggested pairings are loaded nachos, cold cuts and sharp cheese, but we encourage you to get creative and work this unique Tequila into your Thanksgiving meal.
  • You may be familiar with Collective Arts because of their artful beers, but have you tried their Blackthorn & Plum Gin? On the nose, there is a complex combination of aromatics, including hints of cardamom, mace and orange. The plum and blackthorn give the gin its purple hue as well as add a fruity component which compliments the black peppercorns, ginger and cinnamon.
  • Imagine being able to make great cocktails while avoiding the hassle of finding recipes and gathering ingredients? With Bar From Afar, you can skip the dull preparation and get right into the cocktail making! Bar From Afar is a unique service that delivers delicious and classic speakeasy-style cocktail kits right to your doorstep. Each kit includes everything you need to create your cocktails of choice, meaning the alcohol, juices, seasonings, garnishes and instructions are all included. On their website, you can select a kit based on a specific spirit or customize your own selection by choosing different cocktails.