In Wines We Trust, Summer Bangers, and more with Sommelier, Steph Albert

Steph Albert is a Sommelier and the founder of the Wine Concierge service, In Wines We Trust.

For the last two decades, Steph has been involved in the restaurant and wine industry. She grew up in Ottawa, and while working as a yoga instructor, she had the opportunity to travel quite frequently. As a result, her travels to various wine regions provoked her interest in wine, so she later completed her WSET certification and began consulting for restaurants and bars across Ontario. Later down the road, she spent 5 years in Toronto working as a wine agent, and over time, has done a fair share of recruiting, managing and consulting. Although Steph is an educator, she also considers herself a student and believes that when learning about wine, “the best experience is lived experience.” This “lived experience” can include being a part of a tasting group, meeting producers and winemakers, travelling, and so on. 

After noticing that there was a lack of curated wine clubs on the market, Steph created In Wines We Trust. Her intention was to “create a fun and accessible space for people to go on a wine journey.” One of the most unique things about the wine club is that by completing a one minute survey with 7 questions, Steph can gain a good understanding of your flavour profile. These results determine what wines you receive in your personalized club shipments. But that’s not all! The membership also includes exclusive access to events and tasting activities with winemakers, which of course are all being hosted virtually at this time. 

However, the wine club is just one aspect of In Wines We Trust. Steph curates Corporate and Private Client Events for groups of 10-200 people. She also does Private Cellar Management which includes a cellar value assessment, inventory and organizing, acquiring new wines, and purchasing consultation based on your preferences. Wine Program Consulting for restaurants and bottle shops is another service, and this is a thoughtful program targeted to fit your needs and grow your wine sales.

Whether you are a wine club member or just purchasing bottles online, none of the products from In Wines We Trust can be found at the LCBO. By exclusively working with producers who utilize sustainable farming practices and make low-intervention, honest wine, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality products. In Wines We Trust also extends their ecological values into their packaging. Starting at the end of this month, their wines will be shipped in Green Cell foam packaging, which is a 100% compostable and biodegradable product made from corn. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also temperature-controlled and protects the wine from any damage during transportation. 

When Steph first started working as a wine agent, she noticed that most executive positions were held by men. With this in mind, Steph aimed to answer the question of, “how do we amplify (female) businesses and voices to make sure that everyone has a seat at the table?” As a result, Steph has made a conscious effort to collaborate with other women who are also working and thriving in a male-dominated industry. For instance, for International Women’s Day, In Wines We Trust created wine packages that included wines produced by only female winemakers. Additionally, they donated a portion of their sales to initiatives such as Women’s Habitat and Miinwaashin Lodge, which are community-based feminist organizations providing vital support to self-identified women and their dependants, who are survivors of domestic violence and poverty.

Now that you have read all there is to know about In Wines We Trust, we can tell you the best part! The Summer Bangers Wine Club was just released less than a week ago, and it’s “the most crushable wine club around.” You can either select a one time purchase or a 3-month subscription from June to August for only $99.00 a month. Each shipment includes a 3 pack of wines customized to your preferences – you will find “fun fizz, all things pink and orange, fresh poolside reds, racy whites, and funky ciders.” This Club is predicted to sell out quickly, so make sure you get your hands on one right away!