Wine Stories: How wine is like dating

Ever tried a wine and never wanted to date it again?

I’ve always said that wine is love, and in my new series I will back that up. The wine world is full of great analogies, and the ones that get to me lie in the world of love. Here’s a look at a few of my favourites.

You might be a newbie when it comes to wine and you’ve been drinking the same wine for while. Now, you’re getting a bit older, you received that promotion and need to impress clients, now it’s time to level up and understand more about the world of wine. The one thing you need to remember is, your body is a temple. Be selective and make sure you drink only the wine you love.

There will always be wines that you love to drink, but can’t afford. You may wish for them, but accept that your wallet will never be thick enough to have them as often as you like.

Walking through any wine shop and you’ll see wines with incredibly cool labels and you may get sucked into buying them. Don’t be fooled if they look good on the label but just don’t taste right. It’s quite possible they may not be what you’re looking for. It’s always frustrating to open them up and realize that they aren’t quite your taste profile, but boy they did a great job selling to you. Fack!

So you fall back on your ol’ reliables wine choices. It doesn’t let you down, even though it’s not truly what you’re looking for to drink forever.

Remember that one wine that you bought that you wanted to buy again, but it’s always sold out? You grab it the next time you see it and gloat to all of your friends how you guzzled it and how proud you were. Perhaps once is enough, I mean who likes the same bottle of wine every night anyway?

Life is about new experiences and there is so much wine to explore.

There is nothing wrong with a house wine until you open something truly special and have a wine orgasm. Sometimes the exclusivity of not having something every night is just what makes it so much more amazing.

What about when you’re out for dinner and you really want to taste 3 wines, but the restaurant only serves wines by the glass or by the bottle. Like really? Give me my wine threesome dammit!

There are bottles you can have cases and cases of, but the price, taste and timing just isn’t right…

Maybe you’re in a monogamous relationship with a grape you love, but cheat on it occasionally with your second favourite. It’s OK. Wine isn’t the jealous type. Wine is a fantasy who doesn’t mind.

It’s lunch-time and all you want is a quick wine by the glass. Hey sometimes client lunches go over their time limit, you only live once, and everyone wants wine for lunch, but just won’t admit it.

Ever play matchmaker with your food and wine pairings? Will they complement each other? Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

There are the wines you put in your cellar and open in 10 or 20 years from now. They may be good now, but just wait for that time when they mature into something delicate and even more desirable.

Sometimes you hold onto a bottle of wine for years in your cellar thinking it will age to perfection only to open it up and realize it’s not what you expected. Why didn’t you think of opening it up years ago? Instead of building up the anticipation that it was going to be perfect someday. That bottle just wasted its time in your cellar. Bah!

What about when your favourite bottle tastes off, and you are about to put it down the drain and then it comes back after a little while. I guess wine, like life is always about timing.

Then there’s that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for years to open at just at the right time.  You know it’s only going to last until the wine runs out. How long do you savour the moment? What if you spill your glass of wine because well, sometimes that happens? What if the cork breaks? What happens if you fall in love with that bottle and you can never get it again. Are you happy that you got to experience it if even at all? What if you opened the bottle, at the wrong time when you were incapable of remembering it? You know what they say:  it’s better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all…

More on love and wine coming soon.