Living & Fashion: Leaf Green as the Colour of 2017

From living to fashion, it might be time to add more of the colour green to your life.

Leaf Green is the colour of spring, imagination and emotion, so what a great colour for 2017 to be inspired by. From green living to high fashion to your own wardrobe, this leaf green colour inspiration comes straight from the grape vines and the world of wine. Yes, my dear friends, green is the colour of the year.

According to a great article from the New York Times, 2017 will showcase the colour green everywhere you look. From across the runway to interior design and decor and into many facets of your very own life, including your wardrobe. The Pantone Color Institute, which is known as the “global color authority,” says that Pantone 15-0343, known as “greenery” will be all the rage in every industry. This colour is described as a “yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of Spring”. To many of us, the first day of Spring always brings so many good feelings. As Canadians we’ve made it through the long winter and green reminds us that Summer is around the corner bringing with it freshness and renewal. Flowers are popping up all around and the world awakens to a new turn of events. The aroma of Spring brings us closer to the planet and reminds us that nothing lasts forever and that everything has a natural cycle.

This is really the perfect wine colour as well. Imagine running through lush vineyards, taking gorgeous Instagram photos all Spring and Summer long and sipping great wine along the way, doesn’t that sound like a perfect day to me. As we watch baby vines grow into large canopies and then give birth to grapes wineries are alive just as much as we are.  The colour green symbolizes growth, harmony, nature, freshness, and fertility and also has a strong emotional correspondence with safety and health. Known to have healing power, green is the most restful color for the human eye. 

At the turn of the millennium, Pantone started choosing Colors of the Year as a way to understand the psychology around what makes a color take off in society and also to answer the many questions around why a colour might be popular during a particular season. This has carried through as inspiration for designers in all fields and industries.

Feeling stressed out? Spending time with nature always helps to rebalance and put things into perspective, and the primary colour of nature is green. Taking a walk, breathing in the fresh air and bringing green into your everyday environment helps to soothe and balance out energies and feelings having a great symbolic message.

Maybe its time you added more green into your wardrobe! Odds are you’ll probably see it everywhere and it’s not a bad colour to have more of. Here’s hoping with what’s all going on in the world that we can all gain more peace and serenity through the addition of more green into our lives.