Wine Stories: Wine & Food with Christine Cushing

An interview with the legendary Christine Cushing on her new YouTube channel – My Favourite Foods.

It is truly an honour to sit down with one of the most legendary women in the world of food. I thought to myself, I’ll bring the wine and we certainly won’t run out of conversation topics.

The first time I met Christine, I was in the early days of my wine career and enjoying one of my first gourmet travel experiences. I spent five days in Calgary on a work exchange, working in new restaurants by day and dining at some of the best restaurants in the city by night. During one of our evening meals, my dining companions recognised Christine in the restaurant. The manager was kind enough to introduce us over dessert, and the exchange was warm and friendly. She was a television host and celebrity chef, at a time when the world of food was really exploding in Canada. We were all so excited to be able to shake hands with such a gracious and talented woman – and I can say she hasn’t changed a bit since then.

Now over 15 years later and having the opportunity to meet with Christine for our interview, I am in awe of her career. I arrived at her home in Toronto, and she was the perfect host – she is Greek, after all! I didn’t come with a list of questions, but rather, with an interest in getting to know Christine’s background and experiences in a meaningful way. We had an instant connection, and given our shared passions, it was an effortless conversation.

I found out that Christine loves wines from the Peloponnese in Greece, so I brought a Moschofilero from the region to enjoy while she cooked. I had recently returned from a trip to this special place, so between discussing wine, travel and food, we had many shared interests. Christine showcased her incredible skills in the kitchen, crafting a delicious orzo (one of her favourite food categories), and a risotto with scallops, clams and shrimp for the camera – fun for us to learn about and taste-test!

This particular day was one for my memory books. Christine, you’re such an inspiration and a great teacher – thank you for having us.

Looking to see more of the interview? Check out the video here.

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Novella Chef Series – Christine Cushing from Novella Magazine on Vimeo.