I love the smell of wine, and sometimes I think, damn, I’d want this on my body as a perfume.

A little cheeky yes, but could you imagine having the smell and aroma of your favourite wines all over your skin? On International Frangrance Day  I showcase some wines and perfume that translate to your daily routine. Yes, wine really can be your daily perfume.

From Prosecco to Riesling each and every day you can spray your favourite grape and smell like a true wine fantasy? It is true that at every wine tasting, it is frowned upon to wear perfume or cologne because you disrupt the aromas of the wine that you smell and taste. Can you imagine trying to smell the fine nuances of an aged champagne when the man next to you is covered in horrible smelling cologne? But, ready for a night out on the town with the ladies and need to smell delicious and beautiful, perhaps wine inspired perfume is exactly what you’re looking for. Here I go through a few different aromas that could easily be your new found addiction. I found some interesting ones (and I’m sure there are many more) so in the spirit of  Fragrance Day here are some great options for you – or the wine lover in your life.

Antica Farmacista
Love Prosecco? Me too. This aroma brings me to the days of an Italian summer with flowers all around, running through a warm vineyard and an endless amount of bubbly wine in my glass. Happiness. flowers and being in love. Yes, it’s perfect. I want and so do your #besties, talk about the perfect birthday gift, right?

rose perfume

Note’s of Rosé
Imagine the smell of sensuality and seduction. This gives a new meaning to the hashtag #RoseErrDay.  It’s possible this could be your scent all year long, or maybe just for the summer months.


Reserve Perfume

The Reserve Collection
Upgrade your daily routine with The Reserve Collection. Smell of Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet and Merlot. Personally, I fell in #Merlove, but these are all great scents. You can even order the sample flight (yes, I did) here and try a little of everything,