Summer is in full swing here in the Okanagan, and the streets are buzzing with tourists.

Thankfully, wineries have had the ability to open again and welcome all the guests that love to enjoy their wine. But if you’re someone that visits wineries on a regular basis, it’ll be hard to miss the fact that tasting rooms are being run a little differently compared to previous years. Here are a few tips to consider when thinking of visiting your favourite winery. 

All tasting rooms will be working within limited capacity, which means some won’t be able to accept walk-ins like they usually do. Make sure you visit the website of the wineries you want to visit to see if they are by reservation only or if you are able to show up.

Plan your day.
A lot of tasting rooms have moved to seated tastings, as opposed to standing at the tasting bar. Because of this, most tastings will take longer which means you won’t be able to cram in as many wineries as you may have done previously. Select your top 3 or 4 wineries that are a must-see for you, and go from there.

Respect the rules.
All wineries are working under the regulations that have been set out by the government. Don’t find 10 of your favourite friends to spend the day with, as you’ll be asked to split up or will be turned away. Wineries aren’t able to do tastings for groups bigger than six people at a time. Save yourself from potential disappointment, and keep your group sizes small. 

Be patient, Be kind.
To echo the words that Dr. Bonnie Henry says on a regular basis, be patient and be kind. Everyone is working within the new rules and regulations that have been set before them, and everyone is trying their best. No one has done this before, and they’re all trying to accommodate as many guests as possible. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!