Have you ever enjoyed a bottle of wine and seen the VQA symbol on the label? You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered what it stands for and what it signifies.

Well, VQA stands for Vintners Quality Alliance and it basically means that the wine in that bottle comes from Ontario.

“As a winemaker and a grape grower, we have to submit to a bunch of tests and tastings that confirm origin, control our ripeness at harvest so that the best quality grapes are being used for VQA wines,” said winemaker Marc Pistor. “As well, they undergo a final chemical analysis to make sure the wine is safe and a final tasting analysis to make sure it meets the quality standards that we want to have as an industry.”

Ontario has around 18,000 acres of grapes and more than 170 VQA wineries.

So, when you see that VQA symbol on the bottle you can be sure of those quality standards and that 100 percent of those grapes come from Ontario.