Wine Stories: What’s Your Wine Personality?

wine personality

We each have our own personality.

Have you ever wondered what your choice of wine says about your personality? We tend to be a little obsessive about that kind of thing, and so we’ve come up with this handy guide to help you find out just what your wine choices say about you. Read on to find out and then let us know if you agree.

A – Sparkling Bubbly
You are a human bottle of bubbly: extroverted, enthusiastic and an essential ingredient for every party. You are also a great planner – everyone loves having you around and no one can say no to you. Bottles of bubbles are best paired with a dash of Icewine for a perfect cocktail.

B – Steady Sauvignon Blanc
A good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is original, grounded in good acidity and a logical pairing with seafood and green veg. This is your tipple because you are logical, original, and organized. The perfect pairing with Sauvignon Blanc is a fantastic goat cheese.

C – Racy Riesling
Like Riesling, you’ve got a strong backbone, are loyal to your vineyards, balancing a fun, sweet side but also driven to stand the test of time. You’re the natural people turn to because of your reliability and the fact that you’re a great team player who pairs well with just about every situation. Riesling is versatile and works well often in white wine blends from around the world. It is the ultimate go-to for many food pairings like roasted chicken, grilled shrimp and baja tacos.

D – Clear Chardonnay
Chardonnay is the flexible and playful grape – just like you. It is also hardworking as it’s grown all over the world and put in everything from sparkling wine to Icewine. It’s a hearty grape that loves to adapt, accepts graceful ageing, but is sometimes unpredictable. This magical grape can go with just about anyone and anything when you understand it’s style.

E – Perfect Pinot Noir
A good Pinot Noir is sensitive and quiet in the vineyard. It is picky, idealistic and sensitive to where it’s grown and the climate it is grown in. This variety is a perfectionist that loves to overachieve but needs to have the right roots and tools to reach peak perfection. Pinot Noir is its own grape. It stands on its own much of the time unless it happens to be used in a champagne sparkling where it is blended with its sister grape – chardonnay.

F – Candid Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon is a dependable grape that’s both hardy and determined. Each vintage speaks its mind through the quality of the grape – which is what we all appreciate about it. It’s determined to produce and uncomplicated and dependable wine that can age well. It is the wine that most give as a thoughtful gift in thanks for a kind gesture. Cabernet Sauvignon is often paired with its brother grapes Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Together they bring out the best in each other and work as a team to produce full-bodied wines – often known as a Bordeaux blend.

G – Mysterious Malbec
Malbec is an old world grape with new world energy. It is adventurous and spirited with a taste that is delicious and juicy. Open-minded, it sometimes gets placed into blends or unique wines to add inspirational and mysterious flavour. Malbec is friendly, creative, and open to a world of possibilities on how it’s used. It has an inner curiosity as to how the future will unfold and how it will affect its own future.

H – Worth-the-wait Icewine
Icewine is the patient and long-range thinker. It takes commitment appreciation and time to make Icewine – the grapes stay on the vine long into winter. It requires careful attention and care when picking the frozen grapes in the middle of the night. Icewine has a tough outer skin but is sweet on the inside. As mentioned, the best pairing with Icewine is a sparkling wine, together they make a great cocktail!