Wine Stories: D’Ont Poke the Bear

D’Ont Poke the Bear is a brand new local VQA wine in the LCBO that has a positive message to share and we want to share it with you!


Introducing 2 brand new VQA wines into the LCBO! D’Ont Poke the Bear came to be through the passion of two people to create great Ontario wine and stick up for one another (who puts the apostrophe’s where they want). The white is a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and a dash of Riesling which makes for a delicious, dry white that can pair with fresh fish, greens and local fruit. The red is a cheeky blend of Cabernet and Ontario’s newest favourite, Baco Noir, this beauty of a red blend can stand up to BBQ’s, campfires, docks and condo’s. It’s smooth, ripe, loaded with berry fruit, and sure to be your new no-frills red wine choice!

We were so excited to welcome Winemaker D’Ont Poke the Bear winemaker and founder, Andrew Von Teichman into the Wine Cave last month to officially celebrate the launch of these wines which aim to fight back against bullies. Both founders Allan Jackson (yes, of Jackson-Triggs wine royalty) and Andrew Von Teichman were bullied when they were younger and they have now created D’Ont Poke the Bear to celebrate those that fight back and put their friends first. By donating $1 per bottle, they will set out to make this happen.

Pick up a bottle of D’Ont Poke the Bear tonight and let’s put friends first! Share your sips on social media  with #friendsfirst and #dontpokebear