Wine Stories: 7 Ways to Use Icewine

This sweet and delicious wine is created when grapes freeze on the vine and then are pressed and you can get creative with it!

Icewine really is Canada’s gift to the world of wine.  It takes a hearty grape to withstand our cold Canadian winters (and patient winemakers to see through the weather), but sipping and sharing it is worth all the effort. In fact, you only get one drop of luxurious juice per grape, now just imagine how many grapes it takes to make one bottle of Icewine? That should help explain the price of it too! Icewine can be made from grapes like Vidal, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and even Shiraz. It’s a wonderful treat to open and share with friends and family and don’t worry if you don’t finish off a bottle, I have some tricks on ways to reduce, reuse and recycle this magical and delicious juice.

cHere are some easy ways to enjoy Icewine all year round.


  1. Drink it on its own – Savour it from the custom designed Riedel Icewine glass or your favourite shot glass (even a small tumbler will work). Sip it slowly like a scotch or bourbon drinker would and serve it after dinner with your favourite dessert or cheese.


  1. Serve it with dessert – Icewine should always be sweeter than your dessert. If you love crème brulee, sip Vidal. If you prefer something light, an angel food cake with strawberries pairs perfectly with Cabernet.


  1. Serve it with cheese – Next time you’re craving cheese and wine, open a bottle of Icewine. It pairs great with all types of cheeses and is perfect for entertaining.


  1. Keep it refrigerated – Keep Icewine with your regular wine bottles in your cellar or wine fridge (lower than room temperature, not in the freezer). Once opened, keep Icewine in the fridge to preserve its long life – it can last upwards of a month or more when airtight sealed.


  1. Save it for a rainy day – Icewine can keep in your cellar for decades. The older the Icewine, the more precious and special the bottle.


  1. Use it in the kitchen – Open up a bottle and keep it in the fridge with an airtight seal to use in your cooking. You can add it to your favourite desserts, brunch items, in reductions and sauces and even salad dressings.


  1. Use it in a cocktail – Make your guests an Icewine Martini. An Icewine Martini is made with vodka and Icewine, in any combination you wish. Add a frozen grape as the perfect garnish.IMG_0370