There is nothing else that is quite as Canadian as Icewine. The name alone sounds fancy shmancy and it really is a luxurious Canadian delicacy. Last weekend the Wine Angels dressed to the 9’s and descended upon Niagara for the annual Icewine Gala at Fallsview Casino for a magical evening of outstanding wine and most importantly, Icewine!

This extraordinary gala featured Icewines, late harvest wines, sparkling wines and premium red and white wines from more than 35 participating Ontario wineries.  Gourmet food stations included dishes inspired by every region of Canada.  From east coast oysters to west coast scallops and a gorgeous cheese spread from Quebec, the top chefs of Fallsview Casino didn’t disappoint! It was a phenomenal night of quintessential Canadian wineand food.

Some stand out wines from the walk around tasting included: Vieni 2013 Red Trillium Ripasso, Tawse 2013 Chardonnay Icewine, Stoney Ridge 2011 Barrel Fermented Gewurztraminer Icewine, Hernder VQA Fortified Wine Caluruso, and Megalomaniac My Way Chardonnay – which your angels were def sipping all night long (bc yes, it is hard to be drinking luxurious Icewine all evening – I know, it’s so hard being us, right!?!!)

The Icewines, wines and food were on point and had our taste buds screaming with delight, but our other senses were tingling as well. From the moment we walked in the ambience was remarkable, with relaxing and enjoyable music, a room filled with ice sculptures and a dessert path leading us through with dazzling twinkle lights, this event did not disappoint . Greeting us at the gala was an impressively large and very Canadian themed ice sculpture (see Tasha hanging out with the ice moose). Each booth had a personalized ice sculpture which was a clear representation of the winery’s style.

In short, the Wine Angels became the Icewine Angels that evening and had a fabulous time!


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