wines of the week

Ah, January.  Whether you are dry or not, you are one of the most difficult months to get through. The holiday hangover, plus the horror of your overspending and overeating makes for a serious case of remorse-o-rama.   There’s only one thing to do:  make sensible drinking choices and wait for the groundhogs and valentines of February to cheer you up.  Read on…




This Prosecco from Villa Sandi seemed to us like the civilized way to break the Dry January spell. Sparkling has a way of making everyone’s life so much better. It’s the perfect start to an evening with everyone and anyone.

Available for $9.45 at the LCBO



It’s hard not to love Ontario wine, and this Moscato is simply delicious. Sip it every night of the week hanging out with ladies. Filled with floral and citrus aromas, serve this wine with the Academy Awards and

Available for $12.95 from at the LCBO




Look for further than to Spain for truly wonderful wines. Otazu Cuvee is simply dynamite and is a blend of Cabernet and Tempranillo. A great find and worthy of buying  a case of.

Look for this wine in the Vintages section of the LCBO for $17.95