When I was asked to be on Makeful, a new TV  station dedicated to the DIY lifestyle, to host a wine and cheese party I was thrilled.   Working alongside the talented Lynzie Kent, celebrity wedding/event planner and DIY specialist I was able to put my wine crafts skills to use in front of the camera. Read on…

Here are some of the great decor items we created ourselves so that I could pull off a fantastic night of wine and cheese with all my friends. These are quite fun to do and yes, you can even do them yourself. Many of the items you can find at Michaels (such as wax, bottle cutters, etc).

fullsizerender-3Rustic Large Cheese Board

Using basic wood you could buy at Home Depot, chalkboard paint, and handles from the dollar store, Lynzie and I created a massively HUGE cheesefullsizerender board. We stained the wood, painted a big black square with chalkboard paint and attached handles. This board was perfect to showcase blocks of cheese one and then label what cheeses they were right on the board.



Homemade Wine Bottle Candles & holdersfullsizerender-2

Whether it’s putting long candles into your old wine bottles and watching them drip down or cutting the bottoms off of your bottles and putting a tealight inside of them. Although removing the bottoms of glass bottles can be dangerous (we wore safety glasses), you can pick up glass cutters at Michael’s and glass cut the bottles, use an industrial lighter to warm up the bottle and then dunk the bottle into cold water for the bottom part of the bottle to snap from the rest of the bottle. The bottom part of the wine bottle you can melt wax into and create your own candles