BLOG: What’s Your Wine Personality

Here we get to know a few popular types and what makes them shine – on their own, or in blends.

The best wines are complex in taste and aroma, and each variety has its own distinct characteristics


Needless to say, sparkling wine has a vivacious, bubbly personality, it’s extroverted and integral to a good celebration. Most can’t resist sparkling wines charm.


Riesling has a strong backbone, is loyal to its vineyards and balanced with a fun, sweet side. It’s a reliable, refreshing choice that’s known to stand the test of time because of its characteristic of bright acidity. Riesling shines on its own, as a Sparkling option, or adds that special touch to anything it is blended with!


Chardonnay is the most flexible and playful grape. It’s also hard working, as its grown all over the world and used in everything from sparkling wine to icewine. It’s a hearty grape that ages gracefully and is adaptable but sometimes unpredictable.


Gewurztraminer is a super unique wine that has quite the girly personality. Think florals, baking spice and everything nice. It’s bottled perfume and works quite well as a varietal on its own or brings those pretty qualities with it to contribute to a fabulous blended. One of my favourites is FRESH Opportunities Riesling-Gewurztraminer. It marries the raciness of Riesling with the girliness of Gwertz for a totally wicked wine packed with personality plus! This refreshing blend of Niagara Riesling and Gewurztraminer displays notes of spice, ginger, and tangerine on the nose followed by a lush palate of lychee, tropical fruit and orange zest.  Find it via Lakeview Wine Company, online here!


Everybody loves Moscato, it’s just a fact as it’s a wine with a fun-loving personality. A wine that is a crowd-pleaser by nature, it has a touch of sweetness that sits just right on the palate. One of my favourites is FRESH Beginnings Moscato. A light and refreshing Niagara white wine with aromatic floral notes along with peach and citrus. The nose is followed by a palate with notes of pear, honey, and fruit for $12.95 at the LCBO here!