TRAVEL : Niagara Homegrown Wine Fest

When you think of tailgating, resounding images of beer belly’s, baseball caps and Budweiser cans come to mind. Yes, tailgating a predominately American pastime has these connotations. Truck parked, tailgate down, kicking it outback at the good ol’ ball game. But what if it could all be a bit more glamorous. Picture lush vineyards, wine in stemless albeit plastic wine glasses, gourmet eats, stellar tunes and much much more. Well, that’s what’s up with the Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival, TD Wealth Tailgate Party!

It’s going to be an epic time, and we are heading down on our iYellow Tour bus. A few tickets remain, so check it out here!  We depart for Niagara at 2 pm, stopping at Creekside Estate Winery and Southbrook Winery before heading to tailgate in the lush vineyard at 13th Street Winery where the world famous butter tarts won’t be the only thing bringing all the boys to the yard! We plan to sip, savour and dance the night away in true wine angel style! Be sure to check back for more updated photos from our adventures, or join us and 40 of Niagara’s celebrated wineries as they share their stories alongside local chefs kickin’ it Tailgate style in the vineyard (via: Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival)

The Niagara Homegrown Wine Festival runs June 16th – 24th, 2018. use code iYellow to SAVE $5 on a Discovery Pass when you head down on your own!

See you between the vines! XOXO The Wine Angels