BLOG: The Riesling Reputation

Riesling reigns victorious. Here are 5 reasons that you will love Riesling

1.IT CAN RANGE FROM BONE DRY TO SWEET.  The dry ones are more acidic and less sweet, and the sweeter bottles have lower alcohol content. There is a full range of Riesling taste profiles so try to find your very own favourite.

2.YOU CAN TASTE THE TERRIOR. Because Riesling rarely sees the inside of a barrel, it has a fantastic way of really showcasing its origin and sense of place. From the hills of the Mosel in Germany to Ontario Wine Country you can taste various forms of terroir as you sip through the amazing portfolio of what Riesling can offer.

2.IT WORKS WELL IN BLENDS. Riesling offers a great acidic backbone to blended white wines. In Ontario, many white blends include Riesling for balance and structure. One of my favourite blends is FRESH Adventures Crisp White. A unique blend of Riesling & Moscato, you’ll find notes of tropical fruit, green apple and honeysuckle in this crisp and flavourful wine. Find it at the LCBO for $12.95 here!

3.IT MAKES A GREAT BUBBLY. Yes, Riesling makes fantastic sparkling wine. Delicious and perky, it’s definitely one you’ll want to taste and serve.  One of my favourites is FRESH Ideas Sparkling Riesling.  light and refreshing sparkling wine with notes of tangerine, melon, lemon zest, green apple and mineral on the nose, followed by delicate bubbles on the palate with characteristics of citrus, lemon, autumn apple and light honey on the finish. his versatile Niagara sparkling Riesling can be paired with many types of food from appetizers, to entrees to desserts. Find it at the LCBO for $15.95 here!

4.IT MAKES EXCEPTIONAL ICEWINE. It has the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness and can make exceptional Icewine! If you haven’t given it a try – you must!

5.IT PAIRS WELL WITH FOOD. Riesling in general is extremely versatile and refreshing! Riesling can be enjoyed with almost type food from cheese boards to turkey to a great flick on Netflix!