Ursa Major Wine Label

Have you ever walked down a wine aisle and felt overwhelmed by all of the options? Us too! With all of the wines available, it can be hard to select that perfect bottle. So how do you choose? According to researchers, 82% of people will purchase their wine based on the look of the label. Hands up if you’re guilty of this habit? Yep! We’ve done it as well. The way we see it is if wineries are going to put that much effort into making sure their wine stands out amongst the others on the shelf, there must be a reason for it which to us means, wine must be delicious! The Okanagan is home to a few unique labels. Here are our top favourites. 

Lock & Worth

Lock & Worth sauvignon blanc label

In the name of saving marketing dollars, this winery has kept it ever so simple with a clean front label. Literally. The only writing that you’ll be able to find is the name and varietal. No pictures, just font. That being said, all of the other information you need to know such as vintage, VQA or not, and tasting notes, are listed on the back label in a very clear and concise format. Half the work in this industry is getting you to pick up the bottle, and they did just that with the mysterious blank front label. 

Ursa Major

Similar to Lock & Worth, Ursa Major has also kept the labels very simple. Recognizable from the constellation logo, the authentic handwritten look is why we love it. We all love a handwritten note of thanks and this feels like Rajen, the winemaker, has personally written on every bottle really sealing the notion that this brand is his labour of love. The winery is also named after the constellation you can see best from their property. We love when the elements get tied into the story, making it something you can connect with. 


Pouring a bottle of red wine with a hand painted label

One word comes to mind when we see the label for Liquidity’s Cabernet Franc – sassy. If you’ve had a chance to visit the winery, you’ll notice their walls are an art gallery. Each installment features a new artist, and Bruce Pashak was lucky to get one of his paintings on the label. You can also check out more of his work by visiting his Instagram page. The label is stunning, and eye-catching which is why we love it. The front label only consists of the name of the painting, causing you to pick up that bottle to find out more about it. If a label that you can make eye contact with doesn’t make you pick up the bottle, we don’t know what would!