Wine and food go hand in hand so I decided to interview some of the best in the business.

I sit down with Chef David Adjey with a glass of FRESH sparkling Rosé in hand, he shows me around his Toronto apartment. Filled with food photography, adventure relics and custom pieces his eclectically designed penthouse condo perfectly showcases his personality and style. He likes the wine I brought – we pour another glass and start to talk about his resume, his experience in the kitchen and his newest project The Chickery.

Surprisingly we have mutual friends in the business and bond over our knowledge of Poultryfest (an actual poultry festival that takes place in the small town of where I grew up – Smithville). I would never have thought I would be having a conversation with a celebrity chef about Poultryfest, and deep down I’m proud.

From Chef to Entrepreneur Adjey has taken The Chickery international. Started in Toronto and rooted in great flavour, top quality ingredients and simplicity The Chickery has taken off and is now a global franchise.

Adjey studied food at the Culinary institute of Canada, and before moving into food debated becoming a florist. His understanding of colours, textures, simplicity, art and taste, comes through in his personality and his food. There is no question he’s got talent, not only in the kitchen but in designing food for the masses across the world.

Not surprising the dish he is making for the crew and I involves chicken, in fact, he’s decided to test out his newest dish to come to The Chickery to see what we think of it. The ingredients are fresh from St. Lawrence market and his enthusiasm exudes as he is in his element, his kitchen and home. He’s multi-tasking and knows the ins and outs of what the camera needs and more importantly what’s needed to craft a dish to perfection in taste and for photos (yes, food styling is his thing too), you can tell it’s not his first rodeo and even after years of polishing his craft passion still resonates from every angle. What a cool guy, seriously. Down to earth, talented, a family man, an adventure seeker and filled with soul David Adjey is making a difference in the world of “fast- casual” food around the globe for all to taste and savour. The dish? Well, no doubt there, it was fantastic.

His kids are on the way, and he is excited to see them. He shows off his trophy from one of his adventures – an alligator head that he cut off himself. “Did you eat the alligator meat?”, I say, “why yes, I did, he says, but chicken is better”, “well that’s good news for the world I say”.

Interview with Celebrity Chef David Adjey from Novella Magazine on Vimeo.