Just in time with the launch of Wonder Woman on screen,  here I reveal some tips for helping to bring out the Wine Woman in YOU, besides we are all women who love wine!

During the Second World War, the character of ‘Wonder Woman’ was created as a warrior princess who fought for the greater good. She was tenacious, with a passion for justice, peace, love and equality. As an icon of wisdom, beauty and strength, she was considered “the new type of woman who should rule the world.” Years later, we still aspire to be like Wonder Woman – adventurous, powerful, attractive and fashionable – and with a glass of wine in hand we now call these super females the modern day ‘Wine Woman’. I’ll cheers  to that!

There is a Latin phrase worth knowing, which means “In wine there is truth.” If Wonder Woman drank, I can guarantee wine would be her beverage of choice. Wine is the drink of the Gods – and since she is the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, maybe that makes her a wine princess or possibly even a wine queen of sorts.

Want to learn how to bring out your Wine Wonder Woman? Here are a few tips to help master your art all it takes is unleashing your passion, intrigue, adventure and style.

Become a Wine Woman

Just like fashion, wine is about accessorizing and details. Knowing how to properly use a corkscrew, serve into great glassware, decant and swirl are fundamentals. Get to know your favourite wine varieties  and begin collecting glassware for each one. When you’re hosting, the attention to detail won’t go un-noticed and will impress your guests. Wonder Woman had her accessories and they were her tools to success, so create your wine tool belt and become the Wine Woman you were meant to be!

Build Your Toolkit

Wine is all about learning your preferences, sharpening your skills and enjoying the journey. A skilled Wine Woman speaks the wine talk, walks the wine walk, and masters wine tools like corkscrews, decanters and glasses. She’s on trend with new grape varieties, regions, and food pairings. And, most fun of all, she is a top-notch hostess and loves to share her wisdom and knowledge with others. Mastering the art of wine service is like completing your outfit with the perfect accessory – it gets noticed. To show off your love for the fermented juice in the best, coolest and most noticeable of ways. Learn how to decant a wine into a crystal decanter with ease. Understand the art of a double step corkscrew and learn how to use a saber your sparkling wine like a warrior princess.

Find Your Match

Although you may not be fighting crime like Wonder Woman, you’re sure to encounter your share of wine you don’t love along your journey! Try to take the bad with the good, and learn from it. By understanding why you do or don’t like a wine, you’ll become more confident in your preferences. When it comes to certain grape varietals (chardonnay being one of them of them) know and understand that they can taste very different. Some are completely un-oaked, while some spend time in a barrel for complex and deep flavour profiles. Some grape varieties are tough one to ‘date’  or figure out as you might find bottles that don’t always fit the style what you’re looking for. But don’t give up, and you’re sure to find a Chardonnay you love – it’s out there! Finding your match as a Wine Woman will take a bit of practice and patience

Discover Your Super Sense

Although wine isn’t only a woman’s drink, many females love their vino. Interestingly enough, it is also said that women have super senses when it comes to smelling and tasting wine. So the next time you’re visiting a local Niagara winery or enjoying a glass in the comfort of your own home, embrace your inner Wine Woman and take the time to swirl, smell, sip and savour your wine. Trying new and different wines from around the world allows you to expand your horizons – and your senses. With attention and patience, you will continue to broaden your knowledge and your capability for tasting wine. We are lucky enough to get a good selection of wines from around the world to taste at the LCBO. Travelling is also a fantastic way to reveal your super senses.

Spread the Word

Understanding the intricacies of wine from across the globe will make you a well-versed and balanced Wine Woman. When you’re hosting wine gatherings at home (as any Wine Woman should), try throwing themed parties around countries and regions. You can explore the world with friends by enjoying many great bottles of wine together. A Wine Woman who loves the wine she’s serving becomes an Ambassador for the region – and there can never be too many of those! Also, when it comes to wine, people always ask friends and family for recommendations, so spread the love and share your knowledge! Looking to swoon your partner? Take off  to Wine Country. It’s a great gift idea or the perfect way to say “I Love You” for no reason at all 😉

Uncover Your Wine Personality

Wonder Woman had an alias, by the name of Diana Prince, who was said to work as an army nurse. Deep down in your Wine Woman soul, there might be a super wine geek waiting to be unleashed. What’s your wine identity and personality? Are you monogamous with Rieslings and have flavour flings with Chardonnay? Are you a mysterious Malbec or a fun Pinot Grigio? Are you thin-skinned like Pinot Noir, or sassy like a Sauvignon Blanc? Personally I have a few wine names,  Some call me the Robyn Hood of Wine,  on social media I am Super Wine Girl – saving the world one glass at a time and yes I most certainly am a Wine Wonder Woman.  It’s all about finding your own unique style and personality.

Wonder Woman’s Amazon training makes her as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, as swift as Hermes and as strong as Hercules. Use your wine knowledge and accessories as skills and resources. It’s no secret that wine is fashionable, so put your Wine Woman suit on and tackle your wine journey head on.