Toronto’s Hottest Cocktail Spots This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to imbibe! The air has just the right amount of chill, the scarves and toques feel cozy, the holiday lights are charming, the year is winding down. It’s the perfect time to venture out and share moments with friends, family, and colleagues. If you are in Toronto, here are a few places you need to check out for carefully crafted cocktails and vogue vibes.

CKTL & Co.

Aptly named after the cocktail ticker symbol, CKTL & Co. transforms drink orders into a dynamic market experience, with prices rising and falling in real-time based on patron interest. The 4000-square-foot space mirrors a trading floor, featuring green banker lamps and ticker boards. Led by mixologist John Ko, CKTL & Co.’s cocktail program offers a modern financial twist on classics, from “Old Money” to the theatrical “Black Market” served in a smoky treasure chest. The Manhattan Menu showcases inventive takes on the iconic cocktail, including the Bay Street with rye, sweet vermouth, amaro, and angostura bitters. CKTL & Co. is not just a lounge; it’s a fusion of finance, flavour, and a toast to a new era of indulgence in Toronto’s bar and culinary scene.


If you’re looking for a little nightlife with your cocktails, a new player has stepped into Toronto’s bar scene. Behold, Kissa, a haven inspired by the clandestine teahouses and speakeasies of 1920s Japan, a whimsical fusion of tradition and rebellion. Within its hallowed walls, the dulcet tones of vinyl-only music will weave through the air, courtesy of skilled DJs who curate a sonic journey that transcends time. However, Kissa is not merely a symphony of sound; it is a gastronomic and mixological odyssey. The culinary alchemists at Kissa are set to marry the elegance of Japanese cuisine with an avant-garde cocktail program, promising a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. Behind this venture stand nightlife luminaries Dan Gunam and Vito Tomasicchio, veterans of Love Child Social Club and the revered Hush Hush and Nodo establishments. Joined by the seasoned Reza Abedi, the maestro behind Goldie, Lavelle, and Lobby, Soluna, under their collective guidance, is set to reign supreme on King Street, casting a bewitching spell overpatrons from far and wide.


Located within the opulent Sutton Place Hotel on King Street, Abrielle invites patrons into a world where sophistication intertwines seamlessly with a coastal breeze. The bar, a chic sorbet dream, bathes in hues of luscious turquoise, decadent gold, and soft pinks, creating an ambiance that mirrors the vivacity of the cocktails it serves. The establishment takes pride in its “Wine by the Glass” menu, a carefully curated selection that exclusively features wines crafted and owned by women—a nod to empowerment and exquisite taste. Abrielle’s cocktail menu, a testament to innovation, breathes new life into well-loved classics, offering a fresh and vibrant take on mixology. Amidst the stylish decor and tantalizing libations, patrons are treated to a culinary journey of Coastal Mediterranean fare, adding a flavorful dimension to this glamorous hotspot. Abrielle, a haven where refinement meets the coast in the heart of Toronto’s cultural epicenter.


Embark on a journey into the alluring realm of Lucie, a hidden French gem gracefully tucked away in downtown Toronto. Within its chic confines, Lucie’s Bar, stands as the magnificent focal point, presenting an impeccable array of cocktails that transcend expectations in both flavour and presentation. A visit to Lucie unfolds as a brief yet unforgettable escape into the extraordinary, where impeccable cocktail craftsmanship converges with an ambiance of flair and flavour, leaving an undeniable mark on every patron who visits.

Feeling extra festive?

Miracle Bar

Toronto’s beloved Miracle pop-up cocktail bar returns to the city, spreading cheer and festive spirit to patrons until December 30th. The holiday haven, adorned with tinsel, twinkle lights, and Christmas charm, not only offers an Instagram-worthy experience but also channels generosity by donating $1 from every cocktail sold to Nellie’s Shelter. With over $130k already contributed, Miracle goes beyond the spectacle, embodying the true spirit of the season. From the team behind the beloved, Civil Liberties,  guests are invited to revel in festive cocktails like Jingle Balls Nog and new additions like the Marshmallows & Unicorns while supporting a cause. It’s the perfect blend of merriment and meaning, where every sip and every moment contribute to the magic of giving back.