Our Team


Angela Aiello, Founder

A Wine country girl at heart, Angela is both a creative writer and host.  Known as “Super Wine Girl” she is saving the world one glass  at a time with her trusty winetourage. Her favourite wine is Riesling and Syrah .


Mandy Schnurr, Managing Director

Wine by day, music by night, you’ll often find Mandy sabering a bottle of Sparkling wine as she is known as “Saber Babe”. She’s #HardforChard as we say in the wine club and on top of all that she’s a great juggler!


Tasha Taylor, Digital Coordinator & Host

A huge lover of all things pink, we call Tasha  “Miss. Pink Bubbles”. She’s passionate about Ontario Wine and all things VQA. She’s hip, young and in her spare time she loves to karaoke and write rap music. 


Danielle Sippley, Creative Coordinator

Danielle or “D-Sips”  as she is known in the wine club is a little wine firecracker. Her favourite wine is Falangina from Italy and she’s ready to take on the world with her energy and love for all things wine and cheese.