How To Create A Microbial Oasis, with Revel Cider

In honour of World Cider Day, we are featuring Revel Cider, out of Guelph Ontario, that started in 2014 as a solo passion project by founder Tariq, who was living on an organic vegetable farm and falling in love with food and drink fermentation. In the farm’s outdoor kitchen, Tariq made naturally fermented pickles, mulberry wine — and when the fall came, cider.

Turned out that, lots of folks were fermentation enthusiasts, and by 2021, their team is seven people strong — with over 1,000 cases of Revel cans and bottles shipped to discerning drinkers every month.

Revel Cider’s characterful native yeast fermentations explore the endless flavours Ontario has to offer. Combining farm-grown and foraged fruits, discovering what the fermentation process yields, and aiming to bring out the best of each ingredient is what makes this team excited to come to work every day. Whether as a cider drinker, you’re into classic, funky, fruited, or botanical ciders, Revel Cider has got something for you. Plus, they are spontaneously fermented and have zero residual sugar.

Their newest delicious creation? Strawberry Wisp.

Wisp is piquette’s alter ego, and the name for a series of low abv, ACV (apple cider vinegar) based blends, inspired by cocktails like the Shrub. Strawberry Wisp is a blend of strawberry cider, unpasteurized cider vinegar and high pH, mineral rich water.

What’s it like? Extremely quaffable, and truly deserving of the term glou glou. Think candied watermelons, lime-ade. fuzzy peaches and melon sorbet. High pH Guelph water reduces the acidity to a level we think is absolute perfection. 4.8% ABV | 750mL