Australia’s Wakefield Wines: An Experience In Every Glass

Whether you are an oenophile or novice, we can all agree that wine is an experience that is meant to be enjoyed.

However, the ongoing debate amongst many is whether or not to chill a ruby red, or how chilled is enough chill for crisp whites. The reality is that there are temperature nuances that are far more intricate than whether or not to simply chill; overchilling wine can diminish or alter its flavour and structure. Fortunately, with Australia’s Wakefield Wines Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor labels, we can all be guided to an optimal sipping experience.

Wakefield Wines, a family-owned winery based in the Clare Valley in Australia, has developed a solution to our temperature troubles and ongoing debates with their latest label innovation, which is now available across Canada. Wakefield’s innovative temperature-sensitive technology ensures perfectly chilled Wakefield white and red wines for those hot summer days, allowing the fruit characters of the wine to truly sing. “The serving temperature of a wine is often the crucial final element to how it will taste, and many wine drinkers could be missing out on the finesse and flavour of a balanced wine depending on what temperature they are serving their favourite drop,” says Company Director and Export Manager Justin Taylor.

Featured on the back label of Wakefield Estate and Promised Land ranges is the Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor which uses thermo-chromatic ink technology that changes colour depending on the temperature of the wine, turning green when the white is just right to pour, and turning fuchsia for the red wines.

This is the first time the technology has been used in an educational application allowing wine drinkers to know when the wine is at the optimum temperature using the designed gradient scale near the sensor. Wakefield Wines’ Company Director and Export Manager Justin Taylor reminds us that, “Temperature is a vital piece in making sure wine is enjoyed at its very best. While our winemakers take great care to ensure our wine is of the utmost quality and value, the warm climate during summer is not so great for storing and drinking wine. I ask any wine lover to try it for themselves, they will be amazed by the difference just a few degrees can make to their favourite red or white wines.”

So, the next time you find yourself getting all hot and bothered in a debate with someone over what to chill and how to chill, treat them to a glass of Wakefield Wines and watch them smile. Now that’s a real chill out 😉


Wakefield’s Estates Series wines with the Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor on the bottles are the perfect choice for these final days of summer, as you’re entertaining, on a patio, at a party, and they make an ideal pairing for BBQ dishes. Lightly chill both reds and whites on ice and look for the label to change colour indicating the perfect serving time. To maintain the perfect temperature on hot summer days serve wines in an insulated wine tumbler. Wine tumblers are available at most home entertaining stores and on

Wakefield Estate Series Wines are available in the Vintages section at LCBO

Estate Chardonnay, 2018 $16.95 / VINTAGES #711556

Estate Shiraz $19.95 / VINTAGES #943787

2017 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon $19.95 / VINTAGES #744235